Haiti in the Time of Baby Doc.......

.........are photographs mostly utilizing 35 mm slide film I took during seven trips to Haiti from 1978 to 1979. I was inspired by the naive art that a friends parents had brought back to Boston in the 1950's.  My intent was to purchase and ship back to the U.S. several pieces mostly metal sculpture for sale.  I did sell several and kept a few some of which are still available.  I traveled by rental car all over the island meeting with gallery owners, artists and musicians.  Haiti encompasses the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola.  I did also visit once the Dominican Republic which sits on the western half. There is a lot of information on Haiti, it's history, people. struggles, art and music available.  My intent here is only to showcase a slice of life that existed during the late 1970's and to gauge the interest in licensing one or more images for furthur distribution and use.


About Me

I'm Christopher McKinnon, a Producer based in Los Angeles. My career started in the music production business in Boston as well as early music video.  I made the transition to the video and film industry from the early 80's thru now in Los Angeles.


I'm currently available to discuss licensing. Please reach out at your earliest convenience.



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